Do Something (doso)


The Evangenitals


Imagine if Johnny Cash, Bob Marley and Joan of Arc were one woman. Now, imagine that woman gathering a band of eclectic musicians on a crusade to expand the bounds of Country music. The Evangenitals, founded by playwright/director Juli Crockett and opera, jazz & gospel singer Lisa Dee are an alt-country/Americana love revolution made flesh for your listening pleasure. On a quixotic crusade in the key of life hell-bent on breaking hearts open, they are a genre-bending, ever-creating force of nature. 

A Bunch Of Guys


Formed in 1994, the guy’s have played countless bars, restaurants, birthdays, weddings, corporate parties, charitable events, and sunset cruises. They are a South Orange County favorite and their gigs appeal to a wide variety of music lovers of all ages..Their set list spans six decades of classic and popular rock & roll; from Elvis to Ozzy, Zeppelin to Weezer, The Stones to The Foo Fighters, and from time to time will throw some Disco down for the ladies. For the Guys, it’s all about having a good time. The bands motto is: “As long as we have fun, they’ll have fun.” They love what they do and hopefully you will too!



Dead covers to keep your Happy, Happy.

Dorian Wood


Los Angeles-based artist DORIAN WOOD is "armed with a vocal charisma that would befit a preacher and an experimental streak that would make avant-gardists swoon" (WNYC Culture). A wunderkind with a headstrong DIY discipline, Dorian has brought his emotionally-charged performances to concert halls, museums, music venues and performance spaces throughout the US, Mexico and Europe, with a voice that channels the skill and ferocity of such auteurs as Scott Walker and Nina Simone.


Fish Circus


"It's like a Koala Bear crapped a rainbow in my brain" Fish Circus plays a mix of punk,funk,klezmer,trippy,groovy,upbeat, downtempo music. You'll want to get naked and run around in the streets.

Ninja Accademy


A bass and drums instrumental rock duo. It's like if Bruce Lee met Halle Berry at a party.

AK and Her Kalashnikovs


The Kalashnikovs are basically a mercenary army on Angel Dust. (In only the very best ways, of course.) Still best to lock up the booze, children and anything flammable. 



Eastern Melodies, World Rhythms, and Jazz Improvisation set the M.O. for this ultimate Spy Music recording. Fire up the hookah and imbibe the refrains of assassins, villains and deadbeats in this Dystopian Audio Experience.

The Adicts


A Clockwork Punk Rock Cabaret.  



Formed by guitarist/songwriter Joe 'Rocka' Mora, this band has captured a classic blusey sound and attitude by incorporating catchy hooks and vintage and eclectic instrumentation with funky grooves and sleazy riffs.


With The Adicts